Coach Awards

Chuck Ballingall Educator of the Year

Awarded annually to a coach educator at the vote of the NDCA board in recognition for excellents in using debate as an educational vehicle for his or her students.  The honoree must be an active NDCA member; any such member can be nominated to the NDCA board for consideration.

2006 — Frank Seaver, Woodward Academy (GA)

2007 — 2008 — Tara Tate, Glenbrook South High School (IL)

2009 — Glenda Ferguson, Coppell High School (TX)

2010 — Bill Batterman, Marquette University High School (WI)

2011 — Aaron Timmons, Greenhill School (TX)

2012 — Tracy McFarland, Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas (TX)

2013 — Fred Robertson, Millard West High School (NE)

2014 — Jonathan Alston, Newark Science High School (NJ)

2015 — Dan Lingel, Dallas Jesuit High School (TX)

2016 — David Heidt, Carrollton Sacred Heart (FL)

2017— Josh Clark, Montgomery Bell Academy (TN)

Rising Star

The Rising Star award honors a teacher early in his or her coaching career. The honoree must be a full-time employee of a school, and be in their first five years of coaching debate in a full-time capacity.  The honoree must also be an active NDCA member.  The winner of this award is determined by the current NDCA Board.

2011 — Abby Schirmer, Stratford Academy (GA)

2012 — Jon Voss, Glenbrook South High School (IL)

2013 — Jeffrey Miller, Marist School (GA)

2014 — Andres Gannon, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (FL)

2015 — Brian Rubaie, Barstow (MO)

2016 — Val McIntosh, Niles West HS (IL)

2017 — Tyler Thur, Glenbrook South HS (IL)

William Woods Tate Jr. Tournament Host of the Year

The Tate award honors a tournament for providing outstanding hosting.   This award is voted on by active NDCA members.  Any tournament can be nominated for the award whose host program has an NDCA member coach on staff.   In 2013, this award was renamed in honor and memory of William Tate Jr, the director of forensics at Montgomery Bell Academy, upon his untimely passing; by prior vote, the Montgomery Bell Tournament was fittingly voted as the winner in that year.

2009 — Blake Holiday Classic (hosted by Shane Stafford)

2010 — Greenhill Fall Classic (hosted by Aaron Timmons & Eric Forslund)

2011 — Malcolm A. Bump Memorial at Hendrick Hudson High School (hosted by Jim Menick)

2012 — Heart of Texas at St Mark's School (hosted by Tim Mahoney)

2013 — Southern Bell Forum at Montgomery Bell Academy (hosted by Billy Tate & Kevin Hamrick)

2014 — Woodward Academy (hosted by Maggie Berthiaume)

2015 — The Crestian (Pinecrest) (hosted by Dan Lewis)

2016 — New Trier Season Opener

2017 — Blake School's John Edie Classic (hosted by Shane Shane Stafford)

Service Award

2009 — Bill Batterman, Marquette University High School (WI)

2010 — Tim Mahoney, St. Mark's School of Texas (TX)

2011 — Rich Edwards, Baylor University (TX)

2012 — Rohan Sadagapol, Edina High School & University of Minnesota (MN)

2013 — Jenny Heidt, The Westminster Schools (GA)

2014 — Tara Tate, Glenbrook South (IL)

2015 — 

2016 — Chris Palmer, Lexington High School (MA)

2017 — Omar Guevara, Weber State (UT)