Looking for podcast participants

For a long time—75 or so episodes—I did a podcast called “The View from Tab” with Chris Palmer, Mike Bietz and Jon Cruz, plus various guest luminaries. We’d pull together whoever was around on a given week and discuss resolutions, tabbing, tournaments and the like in a fairly informal way, and then publish the conversation online. As far as I know, the show is still available on iTunes. It’s certainly accessible from the show website.

As part of my work on the board with NDCA, I’ve been planning to do something very much along those same lines, but this time including the NDCA membership. I’ve been doing some research on making it a live broadcast, where people could listen as it happens and chime in, but that seems to be above my technical pay grade. And while it can at least theoretically be done as a video recording, most people don’t have the equipment to make that work in an acceptable way. Which means keeping it as an audio-only podcast.

I would like now to solicit some panelists. The first conversation(s) I would like to have, hopefully next week, is on the new choices for the LD resolutions.

The technical buy-in to participate is minimal. First, you need a fairly decent combination headphone/microphone (mine cost $30 and can also be used on my phone). You need a computer (as compared to Skyping in on, say, an iPad). You need a Skype account. And you need to have a working copy of Audacity (a free recording program you can download from the internet). So aside from a decent mic, you don’t need to invest in anything special. And Skype is a no-brainer, leaving just Audacity, which isn’t terribly hard to work. We record our individual ends of the conversation for mixing later, which leads to the best possible sound quality, which is where Audacity comes in. Just recording the Skype conversation doesn’t necessarily result in listenable shows.

If you’re interested in doing this with me, email me at jim.menick@gmail.com. I’m hoping this is just the beginning, and that over time we can cover a lot of different topics with a lot of different people.