Newly Passed Motion by the NDCA Board

Christina Tallungan made and Shunta Jordan seconded the following motion, which passed 8-0 on 5/11/2017.

In response to a protest respectfully submitted by Scott Wheeler, the Board reaffirms MBA KR as the winner of the 2017 Baker Award after the Chair of the Executive Board manually calculated the top 5 tournament results for both MBA KR and Peninsula TW. There were discrepancies in the calculated data posted on Tabroom due to varying practices in adjusting teams that drop from the tournament thereby affecting the state diversity multiplier. These discrepancies affected the calculation of the Heart of Texas tournament (change indicated below) and the NDCA calculations. While the Board regrets the discrepancies and will make efforts to correct these with Tabroom, both the errant and corrected calculations indicate that MBA KR won the 2017 Baker Award.

Peninsula TW
St. Mark's - 206 points (changed from 230 originally posted on Tabroom)
Greenhill - 247 points
USC - 275 points
Blake - 288 points
Berkeley - 368 points
Total: 1384

Michigan - 166 points
Greenhill - 288 points
Glenbrooks - 368 points
Barkley Forum - 368 points
NDCA - 215 points (replaced their low which was St. Mark's at 161 points)
Total: 1405