Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

The NDCA passed the following proposals on July 13, 2014.  The vote count for each is listed next to the proposal description.

Proposal -- Change in Voting (5-0 Vote Count, 2 abstaining)

I move that the bylaws be amended to say:

The organization has the following categories of membership:

1) Individual Annual Membership: Annual memberships last from August 15 - August 15  

2) Institutional Membership: Institutional memberships last indefinitely  

3) Lifetime Membership: Lifetime memberships last indefinitely            


Starting in the fall of 2014:  

1) All new members wishing to vote must be affiliated with a high school  

2) Each election and referendum will only recognize 3 votes per high school  

3) In the event that there have been more than 3 votes cast by a school, the program director will be contacted to decide which 3 votes should count  

4) Lifetime or Institutional memberships that were purchased prior to the 2014-2015 season will be allowed to vote even if they are not affiliated with a high school     

Dues paid prior to the National Championship Tournament will count for that season.  Dues paid after the National Championship will count towards the following school year.


Proposal -- Clipping Addendum (7-0 Vote Count)

I move that we amend our "Clipping Best Practices Document" by adding:

Tournament hosts should be aware of applicable state laws involving the recording of minors. Best practice is for tournaments to require¶ debate entries to complete a parental authorization form allowing¶ audio recordings.

NDCA National Championships tournament procedures¶ Appendix D is an example of a suitable form.¶ the above paragraph should be added to the document right after this sentence:¶ "Tournament hosting schools are also encouraged to use the NDCA¶ Suggested Guidelines For Card Clipping Accusations in their invitation¶ materials and judge information packets."