Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

On January 6th, 2016, the NDCA Board voted 9-0 to authorize funds ($2,400) for the creation of topic specific Novice Policy Curriculum. Jenny Alme describes it as follows:


Bill Batterman, David Heidt and Jason Russell will divide up the following evidence projects (probably 1/3 each):

*3 affs with matching case negs and a T violation that is tailored to the aff (the thought is that one of the affs will have a K-ish advantage)--$450 each set

*2-3 DAs + aff AT

*1 K

*1 CP

--All of it will be novice friendly with explanation pages, glossaries as needed, frontlines on the aff and neg that clearly match parts of the packet etc. 


Other free stuff that will be included:

*A slow demo debate video with a sample Excel flow (Carrollton will produce one, Harker may do another)

*Short videos talking about parts of the packet (I will do or maybe some of the packet authors will)

*An updated and expanded set of novice PowerPoints (Jenny)

*Updates syllabus and exercises for various units, sample syllabus (Jenny)

*Various handouts (Jenny)