Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

The following proposals have been passed by the NDCA board.  The vote count for each proposal is located after the proposal listing.

Proposal -- NDCA Tournament Schedule Change

The Vote was unanimous.

Intent of the proposal is to move awards next year to after Round 6 instead of after the doubles.  The reason for the change is the desire for all events to attend the same awards ceremony.

I move that the NDCA National Championships procedures in all events be amended so that the Day 3 section reads


Day 1


5 pm                Onsite electronic registration opens

8 pm                Mutual preference sheets due no later than 8 pm. Sheets may be required up to 24 hours earlier if the tournament director believes the sheets have been available a sufficient amount of time for teams to complete them.


Day 2


7:30 am                Round 1 pairings released

8:00 am                Round 1

10:00 am         Round 2 pairings released

11:00 am          Round 2

1 pm                Lunch

2:30 pm           Round 3

5:30 pm           Round 4


Day 3


8 am                Round 5 pairings released

9 am                Round 5

11 am              Lunch

Noon               Round 6

3 pm                Awards

4 pm                Elimination round 1

7 pm                Elimination round 2


Day 4


7:00 am           Strike cards available (if used)

7:15 am           Strike cards due

7:30 am           Pairings for the first elimination round of Day 4

8:00 am           Elimination round 3

11:00 am         Elimination round 4 (if necessary)

2 pm                Elimination round 5 (if necessary)


5 pm                Elimination round 6 (if necessary)


Proposal – Stipend creation for CFO; Increase for tournament director

Vote was unanimous by the attending quorum.  Board members in attendance included Shane Stafford, Greg Achten, Jim Menick, Mike Shackelford, Dana Randall, Aaron Timmons and Josh Clark.

Intent of the proposal is to compensate the non-elected board members for their many hours of service over the tournament and NDCA non-profit finances.

The proposal for the creation of a stipend for CFO and and increase in the Tournament Director's stipend.  Both will be $1500 and retroactive to this year.

Two proposals that change our year end awards so that the NDCA tournament can count toward the total points necessitated for the awards

Each passed 8-1, with dissent from Melanie Johnson.

Proposal -- Include the NDCA Tournament in Dukes and Bailey Calculations

Amend the NDCA National Championships Policy Debate tournament procedures by adding this sentence to the "Tournament Qualification" section: The NDCA National Championships tournament will count toward winning the Baker and will be the last tournament points at which points can be earned.  The added sentence would go immediately after this sentence :    The team with the highest point total using this qualification system that attends the NDCA Championships will be awarded The David P. Baker Award for Season Long Excellence.  The amendment will take effect for the 2016 Baker Award. 

Proposal -- Include the NDCA Tournament in Baker Calculations

I move that the NDCA National Championships Lincoln-Douglas Debate tournament procedures be amended by adding this paragraph to the "Tournament Qualification" section:   The debater with the highest point total using this qualification system plus points earned at the NDCA National Championships will be awarded the Dukes and Bailey Cup. The NDCA National Championships will be treated as a maximum points earning tournament. The winner of the Dukes and Bailey Cup must compete in the NDCA National Championships  The above paragraph should follow this sentence:  A debater may accrue points competing in the varsity/open division of any tournament occurring prior to the application deadline and that has at least twice as many entries as preliminary rounds.   This change will take effect for the 2016 NDCA National Championships.  

Proposal -- Suspend Voting rules over awards to allow nominees to sign up

Passed 7-2 with dissent from Greg Achten and Jim Menick

Intent the proposal was to allow award nominees the ability to become NDCA members, if they were not already.

The motion passed to "suspend our rules and allow nominees to join the organization for the purposes of this specific round of awards. I further propose we use expedited voting with the hopes of having a decision by this evening so we can release the ballot."