Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

The following represent recent proposals passed by the NDCA board:

Proposal End Congress at the NDCA Tournament: (Passed by a vote count of 8-1)

I move that the NDCA tournament procedures be amended to eliminate Congressional Debate.


Proposal -- Increased Transparency (Passed Unanimously)

I propose we list the names of who voted and how each member cast their vote on each proposal.  Board members should also be given the option of writing a short synopsis explaining their vote on the NDCA blog, if they so wish.


Proposal -- Advertising on the website (The vote count was 7-0, Shane Stafford and Maggie Berthiaume Abstained)

I formally propose we solicit advertising for our website and for the policy and LD wiki sites.


Proposal -- Stipend for wiki, Revenue Sharing (Passed Unanimously)

I formally propose we pay a stipend of $1,000 annually to Aaron Hardy for his work on the wiki as well as split the profit from all ad revenues on the wiki on a 50/50 basis with him.