Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

The following policies were passed on June 27, 2014 by the NDCA Board.  The vote counts are indicated above each passed proposal.


Proposal - Tie Breaking Procedures (Passed by a 5-3 Vote, with 1 abstaining)

I move that all of the NDCA National Championships tournament procedures be amended as follows: Amend the “pairing of debates” section by deleting material after “to determine teams clearing” and adding: Wins High/low points Total points Opposition Wins Double high/low points Ranks (for policy debate only) Judge Variance Random number

Proposal - By-Law Amendments (Passed by a 7-2 Vote)

I move that the bylaws be amended to say: OBLIGATIONS OF THE BOARD All Board members: ● Should act as ambassadors for the organization; this should include encouraging new people or institutions to become members, seeking input from the membership to communicate to the Board and promoting the tournament ● Should recognize that they are volunteering to serve the organization and are encouraged to pursue projects that further the mission of the organization, including periodically updating the Board on the status of those projects ● Are expected to attend the National Championship tournament, even if their school is not attending ● Must be current members of the NDCA ● Should participate in all votes, even if voting to abstain ● Stay current with Board discussions ● Should be aware that their personal views can be conflated with the views of the organization and/or the entire Board and should be sensitive to that issue in their public communication ● Regularly check the NDCA Board Google Calendar ● Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, Board members should plan to serve out their full three year term


Proposal - 1-6 MPJ Categories(Passed by a 5-2 Vote, with 2 abstaining)

I move that the policy and LD NDCA National Championships tournament procedures be amended as follows: Amend the “judge assignment” section to reflect that we use a six category system and replace letters with numbers to reflect what and Joy of Tournaments actually use for creating MPJ sheets with the following minimum categories 1s (20%), 2s (20%), 3s (15%), 4s (15%), 5s (15%), and a maximum of 15% strikes.