Newly passed motion by the NDCA Board

On April 6th, the following motion was proposed by Shunta Jordan and seconded by Chris Theis. It passed unanimously 8-0.

"For the 2017 NDCA tournament the PF award for season long excellence should be determined using the following formula:

The number of teams attending the tournament (up to 120 teams) X Diversity of Tournament Multiplier (below) X Elimination Success Multiplier (below) X your preliminary round win percentage = TOTAL POINTS EARNED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.

Diversity of Tournament Multiplier (DTM):

1-2 states: 1.0

3-5 states: 1.2

6-8 states: 1.4

9-12 states: 1.6

13-15 states: 1.8

16 or more states: 2.0

Elimination Success Multiplier (ESM):

Didn’t clear: 1

Clearing but not winning an elimination round: 1.1

Octas: 1.2 (winning at least one elimination round)

Quarters: 1.4 (winning at least one elimination round)

Semis: 1.6 (winning at least one elimination round)

Finals: 1.8 (winning at least one elimination round)

Winning Finals: 2.3

Teams count their best five tournaments.

The NDCA tournament will count toward winning the award but it will NOT be calculated as a maximum points earning tournament. It will count as any regular season tournament would."