Newly Passed Proposals by the NDCA Board

The following proposals were passed unanimously (9-0) by the NDCA board on June 9th, 2014.


Proposals from 6/7/2014


Proposal - Expedited Voting Procedure

 I move that the by-laws be amended to reflect: Once a normal motion has been put forth by a Board member and seconded by another Board member, there will be a 48 hour discussion period. Once 48 hours has elapsed, a voting period of 24 hours will begin. Votes sent in prior to the conclusion of the 48 hour discussion period will not be valid. The Secretary will be responsible for tracking the various time frames and tallying the final votes.


Proposal - Expedited Voting Procedure 2.0

On occasion, the Board needs to vote more quickly than in a 72 hour time frame and might need a vote AND discussion to conclude within 24 hours. These instances should be relatively rare but here are two possible examples: 1) The week before the tournament, someone important (like Tim) gets sick and needs to be replaced ASAP.2) There is a deadline for renewing something important (perhaps paying a last minute bill that is unusual) and the Financial Officer needs quick permission to do so.


Proposal - Publishing Votes

I move that the bylaws be amended to say: Board votes should be publicly posted on the web page in a timely manner. The text of the motion and the final vote tally will be included.


Proposal - Membership Dates

 I move that the bylaws be amended to say: Membership runs from August 15 – August 15. Payments received prior to the NDCA Championship in April will be applied to the existing season and afterwards will count to the upcoming season.