These are resources submitted by NDCA members that you can use in the classroom to enrich the experience of your students, introduce them to new styles of speaking, and to give them access to different styles of debate.

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Debate General Curriculum

  • Argumentation



  • Novice Basics



  • Debate Vocabulary



  • Cross-Examination



  • Flowing



  • Topicality



  • Disadvantages



  • Counterplans



  • Quizzes and Tests



  • Research



  • Drills and Speeches



  • En Espanol



Event-Specific Resources

  • Lincoln-Douglas



  • Public Forum



  • Policy Topic: Poverty



  • Policy Topic: Space Exploration



  • Extemp Curriculum



  • Student Congress Curriculum



  • Introduction Speeches



  • Persuasive Speeches



  • Demonstration Speeches



  • Special Occasion Speeches



  • Delivery