NDCA Championship Prospective Host Information


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Thank you for your interest in hosting a future NDCA Championships. The NSCA is committed to the mission of the tournament—providing a quality, championship-level competition that is student-centered and focused on promoting regional debate. We are currently seeking hosts for the 2021 and beyond. 

While there are not significant litmus test requirements for hosting the NDCA Championships, there are certain features that the Board particularly values when making its decision regarding host locations. The NDCA Board values regional rotation of our Championships tournament. Not only does this offer a better sense of fairness from year to year, but it also provides the NDCA the opportunity to reach out to new circuits, schools and coaches. Our hope is that regional rotation will make it easier for schools that face either budget constraints or state association restrictions on travel to have an opportunity to participate in a nationally competitive tournament. That, in turn, may spur regional collaboration helping the overall debate community in that area. The NDCA Board is very interested is assessing the potential positive impact that the host location of the event could have in contributing to the local and regional high school debate circuit of that area.

The NDCA Board hopes that the NDCA Championship will also be a capstone event for competitors. Unique aspects of hospitality or other experiences to enrich the tournament experience are encouraged as a way to continue to build bridges across the community and a positive experience for every participant. 

Expectations for a Potential Host:

(1)     A host should be committed to networking with schools in the area to attend.  One of the rationales for a rotating location is to provide opportunities for different regions to attend that may have budget or activities association restrictions precluding frequent opportunities for national competition.

(2)     The host site must have at least 100 classroom/competition spaces plus an area for tabulation and student lounging for preliminary rounds. Proximity of competition spaces is relatively important. A very spread out tournament significantly delays the tournament and makes long days even longer. The host site should have a maximum of twenty-four competition spaces available for elimination rounds on the third day (either at the school or the hotel).  The tabroom space should have plenty of power outlets and a supply of paper.  Having fewer rooms than 100 would not necessarily preclude you from being accepted as a host, but please note how many rooms you would have available. Also a central meeting area/student hang out room that can accommodate 300 students and coaches is desirable.

(3)     The potential host should assist the NDCA Tournament Liaison to identify possible tournament hotels. Ideally we prefer hotel that can accommodate most of our competitors/coaches and be located within fifteen minutes of the competition rooms and offer reasonable rates. The NDCA will work with the hotel and negotiate a contract but assistance in locating suitable properties is appreciated. Shuttles from hotels, or hotels within walking distance, are strongly encouraged.

(4)     A potential host site should be easily accessible for air travel.

(5)     A host should provide individuals to assist in tournament administration and also potentially judge debates. Preference will be given to schools able to provide significant numbers of qualified judges for Policy, LD and/or Public Forum. A host should assist in setting up a ballot table and provide individuals to be able to provide directions around the locations.

(6)     A host should provide a judge’s lounge with some refreshments during the preliminary rounds of competition. The NDCA prides itself on the level of hospitality given to competitors and coaches at the tournament and encourages hosts to pursue possible options to continue this tradition.

(7)     A host should work with the NDCA to facilitate centralized meal options. Strong preference will be given to hosts able to provide funding for some or all meals. Our tournament provides breakfast and lunch for all students and judges on the first two days of competition and ideally also provides breakfast for elimination round participants.

(8)     A host may provide opportunities for student concessions on competition days.  The NDCA would like to support high school hosts to use concessions as a way of fundraising for their own program.

(9)     A host should assist in acquiring hired judges for the tournament.  The host is not responsible for paying the hired judges.

(10) A host is must be able to provide free wireless for competitors, coaches, and tournament staff. Reliable, consistent wireless internet for competitors and students is an essential requirement of hosting.